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ear Customer!

First Board of Directors and all employees Co., Ltd PT TAN DUC would be allowed to greet the blessing of health, success and happiness to all customers at home and abroad.

Currently living standards of people getting a lift to new heights. What should I do for living in harmony with industrialization and modernization of the country today without spending much money.Father he was conveyed back to the children that "An optimistic new housing industry." So how new life is called to settle is enjoying the life of people in the new era. That gives us a living environment with modern amenities along with the job it was to save, wastefulness, and to be very friendly to our environment. Understand that Trade Co., Ltd PT TAN DUC was born with the only criteria is to serve"CEREMONY OF-DEFINITION-TRI-TIN." With a team of architects, construction engineers, technical specialists from problem, installation is professionally trained in and abroad will satisfy all our customers whether it is the most demanding customers.
We would like to introduce to customers a number of products and services our Company provides:
·         Consultant - Construction - selling products on the water heater Solar Matsuno ®     in Japan.
·         Consultant - Construction - selling water equipment industry.
·       Consultant - Construction - selling of electrical appliances sectors - industrial.
·        Consultant - Construction - selling building materials, interior and exterior.
Special: Our company is dedicated to providing the market two major product lines such as: water heater solar Matsuno ®     of Japan and the heat pipe PPR - VESBO (Germany - Turkey) distributed across the country .
In addition our company also supply many other products and services related to the construction industry. Thank you for the confidence of customers in the past. We hope to continue to receive the trust of our customers have been prepared using the products and services of our company. Do not hesitate to contact us for advice and guidance to use the product. To enjoy the safety of modern life - saving - environmentally friendly.

Quality assert!


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